2020 Winners

2020 Winners

Thanks to everyone who competed, sponsored, judged and attended The Headies: Vermont Growers Cup 2020 competition and awards ceremony. The Lang barn was beautiful, Barika‘s music was grooving, BTVLocal420‘s edibles were delicious, all the volunteers were totally on top of it, and the greenhouse was…epic.

In the aftermath of an event like this, there’s a great deal of celebration, and also a whole lot of reflection on what we could have done better. Fortunately, we received great positive feedback about this year’s event, as well as  some very useful suggestions (like better lighting for the entries and a little something for the 2nd place winners) (we agree). Please keep sending us your thoughts and ideas about how to make this event better for everyone.

In all honesty, we’re downright humbled by all the work it takes to grow fantastic weed, to make amazing products, and to create an experience which is both fun and classy enough to honor the collective efforts of Vermont’s extremely passionate cannabis community.

Of course, we’d like to extend a huge thanks to all of our sponsors: Green State Gardener, The Barns at Lang FarmCannatrolThe Cannaster Supply CompanyEmeraldrose GrowsiDry and CurePuffcoBTVLocal420Northeast ProcessingArtizen Seed ShopAurora InnovationsMagical ButterEthos Genetics and SLX Grinders.

And now…The Headies 2020 Winners, complete with our favorite comments from the judges. All photos by by JAM Creative.

Flower – Sativa

1st Place: Kismet Farm
Strain: Super Lemon Haze
“This is like if Pixar drew a nugget. Super awesome composition. Great looking trichs and hairs. ”
“My favorite Sativa sample – where can I get some of these genetics?”

2nd Place: Ice Coast Farms
Strain: Hell’s Fire
“Mild high at first, but then really creeps up on ya. Ten minutes later I was in outer space.”
“Tons of huge crystal trichomes evenly distributed across the bud. Beautiful nug structure.”

Flower – Indica

1st Place: Trap Haus VT
Strain: Slurricane
“The product was perfectly cured with a citrus and diesel like smell.”
“Frosty the snowman would call this nug kin.”

2nd Place: Richards Brothers
Strain: Blueberry
“Great cure, structure, and exceptional crystal content.”
“Kicked right in and made judge #387 start talking like Charlie Brown’s teacher!”


Flower – Hybrid

1st Place: Hector Salimanca
Strain: Zweet Inzanity
“Tastes like Christmas! Great flavor, pretty smooth, clean smoke.”
“Absolutely beautiful visually and fantastic aromas.”

2nd Place: Hector Salimanca
Strain: Member Berry
“Expansive with sharp taste, subtle refined fruit undertones”
“Very sweet, and fresh smelling with hints of orange, lavender, and honey.”

Flower – Outdoor

1st Place: HomeGrown Health / Ice Petal Flowers
Strain: Ms.Pink
“Fun, happy high in a beautifully tasting and smelling bud!”
“Did not disappoint–very sweet/tart and delicious. ”

2nd Place: Ridgerider
Strain: Moongirl
“Who doesn’t appreciate a deep, dark, purple flower? Loaded with trichomes, solid and dense flower and a decent manicure.”
“Pleasant non-sleepy high. Fully enjoyable!”

Flower – Masters

1st Place: Sparky
Strain: Grimace OG
“Dank flavor, funky cheese up front with a clean finish”
“Smoked nice, tasted great, made my dome happy, what more do I want?”

2nd Place: Green Clerics
Strain: Grimace OG
“Well developed bud structure, stacked trichomes, fully cured.”
“Really tasty, overall a nice experience.”

Flower – Hemp

1st Place: Highgate Hemp Company
Strain: River Rock
“Nice fruity sticky bud.”
“One of the nicest hemp flowers I’ve smoked!”

2nd Place: Green Bee Pharms
Strain: Suzy-Q Second Cut
“Zoned, alert, body buzz.”
“Sweet fruity candy like, with slight undertone of gas.”


Flower – CBD

1st Place: Northern Roots Nursery
Strain: Ceiba
“Sweetness when exhaled with hint of piney cleaner.”
“Awakening, Waves of Positivity.”

2nd Place: Lily Hill
Strain: Lifter
“Furry w/ Orange Hairs, Dense, Good Structure, Oily, Trichome Covered.”
“Clean taste, smoke was very smooth.”

Concentrate – Rosin + Hash

1st Place Rosin: Chris Cyr
Strain: Hammerback #9 Hammer/ 9# Hammer
“I loved this one, complex and pure, with lemony overtones.”
“Creamy, Cheesy, Indica spicy.”

1st Place Hash: Green Science Gardens
Strain: God Bud
“Nice job, can tell you know your old school hash strains.”
“Earthy hash flavor, a pine pepper taste.”

2nd Place: Vermont Extracts
Strain: Blueberry NL
“Smooth lemonade with a citrus after taste.”
“Very much like a haze to the face, uplifting, I just cleaned the kids room (I hate doing that).”


Edible – THC

1st Place: Vermont Green Products
“Great flavors: creamy dark & white chocolates, nice ginger & light raspberry flavors.”
“Flavor, effects, appearance. It’s got it all.”

2nd Place: I-tal’s Happy Honey
“Great body & head buzz head to toe”
“Great taste, appealing, easy to eat it by the spoonful.”


Edible – CBD

1st Place: Vermont Green Products
“The entry was rich, smooth with pops of zesty flavor as it melts in the mouth.”
“Good dose, great for relaxing.”

2nd Place: Wake and Bakery
“Like a home made kudos bar.”
“Relaxing, good for a low key day.”


Topical – THC and CBD

1st Place THC: Shine On Organics
“Very eye catching and distinctive presentation!”
“This blend is accurately dosed to provide the intended relief.”

1st Place CBD: Mystic Mountain Magicals
“‘Cute as a button’ little blue glass silver roller ball bottle – what’s not to like?”
“This one had the best relief of the bunch.”

2nd Place CBD: Primal Botanicals
“This topical was really effective with pain relief. Quick onset and nice long duration of relief.”
“The best part this topical is its effect and its scent.”