Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for The Headies?

Signup is open now via the Competitor Signup page. The form closes on November 15th.

Competitor Drop-off will be early December. We will have drop-off locations in both Northern and Southern Vermont.

Judges Kits go out the week after Sunday, December 8. Judging ends December 31.

The Headies Awards Party takes place on Saturday, January 11, 2020.

How do I enter The Headies?

Check out our Competitors page here to sign up for any of the twelve categories!

The fee is $100-200 per entry, due either via Paypal or in-person cash/check dropoff. After you pay, you’ll be automatically directed to a form where you can provide additional info. We’ll then follow up via email.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up and are interested or have questions, email us.

In November, we’ll contact all competitors with Drop-off details, including location.

What do I get when I enter?

All competitors will receive a lab report with a full cannabinoid profile and contaminant testing from our Testing Sponsor, photography of their entry, swag bag and a ticket to The Headies Awards Celebration.

Entries will go through a preliminary round of screening by our official Judges Committee. Any entry that a.) Does not meet the minimum qualifications or b.) tests positive for mold or contaminants, will be eliminated and the competitor notified. However, ALL competitors will still receive test results and a ticket to the Awards Party.



When and where can I drop off my entry?

Drop-off for Northern Vermont will be in early December in Chittenden County. Date/location TBD.

Drop-off for Southern Vermont will be in early December in Southern Vermont. Date/location TBD.

Competitors will be notified of precise locations for both dropoff spots by November.

Why does it cost $100-200 per entry?

Believe us, we’d love to do this for free. However, there are built-in costs which actively support The Headies being honest, professional, fair, and fabulous. The breakdown on a $100 entry fee looks something like this:

$50 – testing costs
$20 – administrative handling and labor
$15 – professional photography of your entry
$10 – packaging (bags for each entry, boxes, labels)
$5 – advertising and promotion

Do you accept collaboration entries?

Collaboration entries are allowed, but a single person may only enter one category twice, whether as part of a team or solo.

A maximum of three names will be allowed on any entry form for collaboration.

Are you accepting CBD entries?

We are! We have CBD Flower, Hemp Flower (<.3% THC), CBD Edibles and CBD Topicals categories. We also welcome THC/CBD blends for edibles and topicals – though these must be entered under the THC category.

Can I enter in multiple categories?

You may enter in multiple categories if you wish, but must pay the entry fee for each one by the deadline of November 15th.

Can I enter multiple products in the same category?

Yes, but not more than two.

Are there any rules about where my entry has to come from?

All of your cannabis and cannabis-derived materials must be grown in Vermont. We’re not so concerned about, say, your coconut oil.

How do I get The Headies Entry Kit for my concentrates or flower?

We will have jars and other standard issue containers for you to put your material in (for flower and concentrates categories only). Competitor kits are available from Green State Gardener (388 Pine Street in Burlington) during their normal business hours. regular business hours (M-F 10am-6pm) – pick up your kit for free anytime between November 1-30. If you can’t make it in person, you can order these for free + a nominal shipping fee in our online store and your entry kit will be shipped to you via Priority Mail. Kits will be available for pickup and shipping starting November 1.

We STRONGLY recommend that you pack up your entry in advance, and will not be allowing competitors to weigh or pack up their entries during the dropoff times.

What do you need to know about my edibles or topicals?

You must list your ingredients for each entry on the registration form, as well as a 50-word description of the effects.

We will include this information for the judges with each of your entry samples. The judges will compare your description against their actual experience.

How will the entries be scored?

Entries will go through a preliminary round of screening by our official Judges Committee as well as testing by our Testing Sponsor. Any entry that a.) Does not meet the minimum qualifications or b.) tests positive for mold or contaminants, will be eliminated and the competitor notified. However, ALL competitors will still receive test results and a ticket to the Awards Party.

The entries will be scored on both Qualitative and Quantitative criteria.


  • Aroma
  • Taste
  • Visual Aesthetics
  • Stone/High
  • Burnability/Flush.


Flower: THC and CBD levels.
Concentrate: THC and CBD levels, and residual solvents (RS).
NOTE: We are only accepting concentrate without solvents this year, and the score is Pass/Fail. Any hash and rosin with detected chemical solvents will be disqualified.

Edibles: THC, CBD, and THC-A levels.
NOTE: We also score the ratio of what is listed on package versus the actual THC/CBD levels reported by the lab.


How many judges are there?

Each entry will be judged by no less than 7 different qualified judges.

We have curated a select group of experienced cultivators and industry folks to judge this competition, in order to ensure the highest standard of judging. We’ve made this change after getting some great feedback from the Vermont growing community.


Heady Vermont reserves the right to disqualify entries for any rules violation, and in cases where HVT deems the entry or practices of the competitor, to be against the spirit of fair competition.

Entries that have been adulterated with non-cannabis derived products will be disqualified.

Entries made with cannabis or cannabis-sourced products not grown in Vermont will be disqualified.

Entries that have high incidents of mold, bacteria, or pesticides – as identified either by the competition committee or our partner labs – will be privately disqualified and the competitors immediately notified.

NOTE: HVT is not out to publicly embarrass any of our competitors. These rules are solely in place for the safety and welfare of our judges and the community at large. Disqualifications will be privately handled between HVT and competitors, and will not be made public.

HVT does not offer refunds in the event of a disqualification.

How do I package my entries?

Please see our Growers Cup Rules page for more information on how to package and submit your entries.

Can I enter a tincture or suppository?

We do not allow tinctures or suppositories.